Selected articles, interviews and reviews

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Sjónminni article by Kinna Poulsen (Listaportal)  2021

If we speak in tongues will anyone understand conversation by Hansina Iveersen, Theodor Eli Dam Olsen and Jóhan Martin Christianseen (  2020

Resonance article by Anna Holm  2018

Like the Golden Sun Ascending article by Kinna Poulsen  2018

Lonely Hearts letter correspondence by Hansina Iversen & Jóhan Martin Christiansen  2018

Når livet gir deg sitronere review by Mariann Enge (Kunstkritikk)  2018

Flygtige bevægelser review by Torben Weirup (Berlingske) 2017

The Sensuous Surfacee article by Maria Kappel Blegvad 2016

En anderledes oplevelse artickle by Nils Ohrt  2016

Ti spørgsmål: Jóhan Martin Christiansen interview by Maria Bordorff (Kunstkritikk)  2016

DIALOGUE by Rannvá Kunoy & Jóhan Martin Christianen  2014

MFA Essay by Jóhan Martin Christiansen  2014

Tag en tur med i pløret review by Michael Jeppesen (Information)  2011

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