You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U


Steel, LED light (4000K), wires, cockrings, cardboard, soda, protein drinks, lilies, lemons

200 x 260 x 120 cm

each, five structures

Faroese Contemporary / You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U

group show curated by Anna Maria Dam Ziska at 

National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands

August 26, 2022 - January 16, 2023

with Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir, Anný Djurhuus Øssursdóttir, Hansina Iversen, Jens Dam Ziska, Jón Sonni Jensen, Kirstin Helgadóttir, Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard, Randi Samsonsen, Rannvá Kunoy og Silja Strøm.

Photo: Finnur Justinussen


From the exhibition calalogue:

The steel structure mimics industrial scaffolding, while the flowers are a reference to the Baroque - a period in the 17th century where artists worked with large formats and extravagant motifs and colours to awaken the senses. In the encounter between the soft and hard materials, the perishable flowers and the industrial steel, emerge new references to for instance Stilleben and Memento mori, which are widely used terms in art history. In this way, the installation transforms recognizable symbols and brings them into a contemporary context.

Anna Maria Dam Ziska, curator, National Gallery of the Faroe Islands


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