You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U

solo show at

Heerz Tooya

Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

August 27 - September 17, 2022

Photo: Lars Nordby

Press release:


Xenial overkill, blackhearted with material honesty and pop-superficiality. Industrial lyrics contradicting the scorched landscape as it is situated. You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U is an exhibition one walks through as if cruising at midnight among shadowy beams of light while the vaporwave is infiltrating your mood. There is a daft resilience lurking in the shadows. "I want to hold your soft head and make it hard" is what the shelf-life of pop-materiality cry. Laminated with mirrored slogans, commercial attributes, and pierced objectives, Christiansen's body of work insinuates industriality as a human condition. A stain lobotomizing aesthetical inspiration. Yet, action-packed with emotional necessity. A Blade Runny surrogate of poetic agenda.

What tells us about industrial piercing is that you "may look all rough and tumble, but you're a big softy on the inside." Staggeringly low on sugar and over-obsessed with frameworking. Surrounded blossoms surrounding steel like ivy. That, made into a logo, signed, sealed, delivered, and brought to you by trendy parceling and summoned for enthrallment. IAF.
- Lars Nordby

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